Hi, I’m happy you’re here. I’m Andey, I’m a composer.

You’re probably developing one of your first games. You’re looking for a composer that gets your vision and can create quality music that engages and immerses gamer’s emotions.

To create unique music, Andey offers a personalised service where he works with you to understand your vision and create music that hooks the gamer. Together, we will create the kind of music that immerses players in the world of your game, so that when they stop playing, the music stays with them and calls them back to the game.

“Andey’s music perfectly captures a wide array of emotions. We highly recommend this brilliant composer.” – Marc-Antoine, Falling Flames Games.


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“It’s an absolute pleasure working with Andey. His attention to detail when creating Emberlight’s theme, coupled with the speed at which he got to the revisions after our conversations, was remarkable. Outstanding talent for music composition. We will definitely be working together on future endeavours.” – William Phelps, Creative Director at Quarter Onion Games.

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