Video Game & Online Film Composer

You’re probably a company developing one of your first games. You’re looking for a composer that gets your vision and can create quality music that engages and immerses gamer’s emotions.

To create unique music, Andey offers a personalised service where he works with you to understand your vision and create music that hooks the gamer. Together, we will create the kind of music that immerses players in the world of your game, so that when they stop playing, the music stays with them and calls them back to the game.

With parents and grandparents on both sides of his family performing and composing musicians, Andey has enjoyed experience and exposure to composition and the music industry. He holds a Distinction in BTEC First & National Diploma in Music. For the last decade, his focus includes numerous performance and composition projects including pop, folk, rock and other contemporary music styles.



Andey creates layered music to suit any mood. Below are a few samples of his work:

Soundtrack Composition for Tarrigate – “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” fan-made project. The following is a collection of some of the music composed for The Forgotten Lands: Tarrigate, a fan-made expansion for Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Soundtrack Composition for Realista – An Open-World Role-Playing Game from Independant ShaderX Studios. During the game, the player will hear this piece while exploring vibrant grassland areas. Sample:

Corporate & Business Composition – ‘As part of my conviction that all online businesses should have a signature “sound” by which their brand is immediately identifiable, I’ve had the privilege of working with the business at the leading edge of the online wellness industry, Questly. This piece was composed to their new promotional material for their new venture.’ Full Track:

Other Pieces by Andey:


Here is a collection of royalty-free tracks. You are free to use these for all commercial and non-commercial projects all I ask in return is that you credit me by name and link back to my site (

All downloads are currently available via Soundcloud only. Downloads from anywhere else have been hosted without my permission.



To contact Andey for bookings and enquiries, please use the contact form below: