Bespoke Music for Your Project

Bespoke Music for Your Project

Music that makes your video game or brand unforgettable

Bespoke Audio Your Audience Will Remember

Are You A…

– Tracy Borreson,
Personal Branding Coach

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Elevate Your Game

Do You Want To Take Your Game To The Next Level?

Because I’ve worked with video game developers before, I know funding can sometimes be a challenge.

To help you manage budget and growth I offer a bespoke, high-quality, tiered pricing approach and can help you market your product with additional video and written promotional material and the game to my social media audience. And, if funding a soundtrack all at once is a challenge for you, I also allow payments to be made in instalments.




Whatever your game needs, I can create it for you. I can draw on a range of styles and influences thanks to the diversity of my musical experience. My performance and compositional experience includes rock (inc. alternative and psychedelic), blues, British folk, electronic (inc. Trance and IDM) and orchestral music. Whatever the style or sound, I can create the music that secures the legacy of your game for years to come.

I have over 13 years of composition experience and have been working as a music composer with game developers and business owners since 2016 so you can be sure the music I compose for you will lift your project to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for music that’s unique and connects to the gamer at their core, you should know that I’m essentially a self-taught musician who has been absorbing music since birth from three generations of performing, composing and teaching musicians in my family so I can work in a structure or free flow, depending on what is needed.

Your game deserves to be an unforgettable experience for players. Being surrounded by a variety of music all my life means that when I create music, I know how to tap into players’ emotions. So when I write your game‘s music, I put the heart and soul of your game front and centre.

If you’re ready to make your video game unforgettable…

Andey Fellowes

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