Video Game & Online Film Composer

With parents and grandparents on both side of his family performing and composing musicians, Andey has enjoyed experience and exposure to composition and the music industry. A graduate of Northampton College, he holds a Distinction in BTEC First & National Diploma in Music.

From 2008-2011 his focus included numerous performance and composition projects including pop, folk, rock and other contemporary music styles. More recently, Andey has turned to scoring orchestral music for video games and short film projects.

His work includes soundtracks for the currently unreleased independent Open-World RPG game “Realista” from ShaderX Studios as well as fan-made “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” projects “Langrholm” & “Tarrigate”.

UK born, Andey is married and living with his wife Rosa in Mexico. Andey is creative by nature and enjoys building and modifying video games in his spare time. His intricate knowledge of video games and their workings enables him to compose music that brings the game to life. He has also developed a framework for understanding every musical note and note coupling on an emotional level, so as to evoke the right emotions for a game user.


Andey uses a combination of live sample libraries and virtual sound technology to achieve rich, layered music to suit any mood. Below are a few samples of his work:

Soundtrack Composition for Realista – An Open-World Role-Playing Game from Independant ShaderX Studios. During the game, the player will hear this piece while exploring vibrant grassland areas. Sample:

Soundtrack Composition for Tarrigate – “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” fan-made project.

“Never Stone” is heard when the player visits the nomadic forest peoples known as the “Forendi”. Sample:

“The Ballad of Tarrigate” and “City of Walls” are two of several pieces the player will hear while in the high-walled city of Tarrigate.

Listen to “The Ballad of Tarrigate” here: 

Listen to “City of Walls” here: 

Soundtrack Composition for Langrholm – “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” fan-made project. “The Red Road” will be heard by players when walking through a run-down town overseen by bickering officials. Sample:

Corporate & Business Composition – ‘As part of my conviction that all online businesses should have a signature “sound” by which their brand is immediately identifiable, I’ve had the privilege of working with the business at the leading edge of the online wellness industry, Total Wellness Club. This piece was composed to their new promotional material for their new venture.’ Full Track:

Other Pieces by Andey:


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