MUSIC FOR GAMES: Creativity Flows When Restrictions Are Imposed


Recently, I created a chiptune music pack I’ve just released on

It’s been such a fascinating exercise in stripping back the composition process. The challenge was:

  • No fancy orchestral instruments.
  • No lush reverb.
  • Just very basic sounds like the old chiptune music in my Gameboy Color growing up.
  • If I wanted to get a specific sound, I would have to use only the VST that would create authentic chiptune music. My own creativity would have to lead me to new places.

But if my life of second-hand instruments from the family shop and finding free VSTs online has taught me anything it’s that some of the best creative moments come when you have restrictions in place.

In fact, what I found while writing this chiptune music was that it’s really the subtle changes you make to the sounds you use which create a kind of emotional language in the music.

So much of the creative process is about listening intently to what you’re creating and letting yourself feel into it. That’s how you get the emotion to come across.

It fascinates me how, with music, what seems like a small, simple change can accomplish so much.

For one track that was intended for a dream-like sequence, I made is so the lead instrument had a very slow attack so instead of the sound starting right when I hit the note, it would fade in slowly.

That turned a sharp sound into something like a will-o-wisp for the ears. Gentle, breathy.

So much of the creative process is about listening intently to what you’re creating and letting yourself feel into it. That’s how you get the emotion to come across.

This chiptune music pack has about 21 loopable 1-minute tracks in it.

I’m considering doing a Vol. 2 because it’s honestly just been so rewarding to get back to basics while composing and create something that reminds me of those years playing Pokemon Yellow or Rayman on my Gameboy Color. And it’s been so fun too.

If you want to have a listen to more of the music or grab the pack for your game, click here.

If you’re interested in hiring a video game composer to create bespoke music for your video game, click here.


Published by Andey Fellowes

Since 2016 I’ve been creating bespoke music as a music composer, working with game developers and business owners to take their projects to the next level. I’m a 3rd generation performing and composing musician. As a child I absorbed music by observation and resisted the structure of academic teaching. This allowed me to hear and deconstruct music from the inside, rather than having it imposed by formal teaching. As you can imagine, that frustrated the hell out of my family, who wanted to share their gifts with me but that came later, when I reached out to find the missing pieces and when more structure was required in order to teach others music. My background is in rock, folk and electronic music. Today, I compose orchestral and electronic music for my clients.

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