As a music composer, I create bespoke music that brings your project to life. Since 2016, I’ve been working with brands and video game developers to take their creative vision to the next level and make their projects shine.

I’m a 3rd generation performing and composing musician and I know music well. I have a background in rock, folk and electronic music and compose orchestral and electronic music for my clients today.

Right now, I’m composing memorable and emotive bespoke music for authentic voices who have something to say – even if it goes against the grain.

If you need music written to make your audience feel something, whatever the mood, I can write it for you.

Bespoke Music for:

🔥 Your Video Game
🔥 Your Business’s promotional/online content
🔥 Your YouTube Channel
🔥 Your Podcast
🔥 Your Showreel
🔥 Your Film
🔥 Your Creative Project not otherwise listed!

Contact me today if:

✔️ You’ve got a project you want to bring to life with memorable and emotive music


“We chose to contact Andey for music composition and production, as his style fits our co-op puzzle adventure game The Last Crystal. He really impressed us with his talent in perfectly capturing the magical feel of the game. From a melody of epic fantasy adventures and discoveries, to a boss’ fight song depicting a stressful escape from a very dangerous monster, Andey’s music will make you feel a wide array of emotions. We highly recommend this brilliant composer.” – Marc-Antoine, Falling Flames Games.

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